The question of how to create eco-friendly, sustainable, lighter and more comfortable products is what led us to develop Vira.

We chose to work with an innovative, tech-led material that kept all of the aesthetic qualities of leather, but which was both vegan and lighter to carry. It is this breathable, water-repellent and antibacterial fabric that makes our bags so beautiful, and long-lasting.


The manufacture of our bags is free of harmful agents, and these processes limit C02 emissions. We also use no materials with an animal origin.

This is why the fabric we use in vira products has been given the seal of approval by the European Vegetarian Union, who have awarded it with their prestigious V-Label – an internationally recognised, registered symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services.

Wherever you see this symbol, you can be sure that a product is morally, socially and environmentally responsible.

Zero Waste

We believe in the sustainable production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of all materials. For this reason, we reuse and recycle all of the waste generated in the manufacturing process.

At no part of the manufacturing process do we produce anything which could threaten our natural environment.

“Our products are designed to integrate with society. It’s why we employ the latest approaches in technology, sustainability and innovation”