Our concern on how to create eco-friendly, sustainable, lighter and more comfortable products lead us to develop Vira.

We decided to work with an innovative tech-material with leather quality sensation but vegan and lighter. Breathable, water-repellent and antibacterial, along with its simplicity makes vira a long term bag.


Vira originates from the latyn word virāre and relates to turning around, change of direction, evolution. The fabric manufacturing process limits CO2 emissions to the atmosphere based on water and free of harmful agents. In addition, the fabric does not contain tissue or traces of animal origin.

The fabric used is the first European textile certified by the European Vegetarian Union complying with the most strict regulations. This fabric has been awarded with the prestigious certificate ‘V-label’.

As consumers, every time we buy a product with this certificate, we invest ourselves both socially and environmentally with our surroundings, opting for a responsible decision.

Zero Waste

We believe in sustainable production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of all materials. For this reason, it is important for us to reuse and recycle all generated waste including packaging and waste elements.

We avoid burning materials and we do not discharge waste to land, water, or air that could threaten the environment.

All the waste generated by the manufacture of our products is recycled to create new materials for future vira products.

“We design new products that integrate into our society through the latest developments in technology, sustainability and innovation”