Function takes to its form

In every moment of every day, we each become somebody new. By taking an ethical and organic approach to design, Vira helps you to make those changes. And together we can create a future to believe in.

Radical and real

Our beautiful designs aim to transform society by creating a more respectful environment in which to live.

Practical and Innovative

We use the latest approaches in technology and sustainability, so that our designs are always created with society in mind.

Elegant and authentic

Our elegant designs are inspired by both the unique and the everyday. That’s because we value beauty in all its forms.

Vegan and sustainable

We believe in the sustainable production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of all materials. For this reason, we reuse and recycle all of the waste generated in the manufacturing process. And all of our products are vegan.

“We believe in creating beautiful and sustainable products and designs that can be inherited by future generations”

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