Our small team is based in Valencia, a Spanish city known for its innovation and creative character. Our twin passions for technology and travel inspire us to create designs that complement the natural world #vira #virafits

Unequivocally, we believe that well-considered design can improve the way we live

Vira is taken from the Latin word virāre. That means to turn around, to change direction, to adapt. And that’s what we aim to do at vira, too. Our mission is to evolve with the times, and to create beautiful products which keep pace with the modern world.

We draw influence from people who appreciate detail and elegance, and who express themselves through personal style. We admire those who value beauty, and who are not afraid of change.

Vira is a modular handbag system

Our thoughtfully designed handbags are minimalist, ultralight and water-resistant. They are a new style of carry – on luggage, created to simplify the process of packing and unpacking – and where function takes to its form.


“We believe in creating beautiful and sustainable products and designs that can be inherited by future generations”