We’re a small team based in the city of Valencia (Spain), known for the innovation and creative character.
We are passionate about technology and traveling which helps us to create thoughtful designs that transform our life and our world #vira #virafits.

We believe unequivocally that well-considered designs improve our lives

Vira originates from the latyn word virāre and relates to turning around, change of direction, evolution. We have our vision set in the future that marches with us in our present.

We are inspired by people who appreciate details, elegance and who express themselves through their style. Also, those who value beauty, are not afraid of change and are passionate about innovation.

Vira is a modular handbag system

Thoughtfully designed carry-on luggage, minimalist, ultralight and water resistant for efficient packing. A new category of handbag easier for packing and unpacking. Where its function takes to its form.


“We believe in the development of sustainable products & designs that will be inherited for future generations”